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  • Update: I am not currently accepting any appointments for 2017.

Wednesday night.

I think this may have to be the last 6:00 p.m. session that I take this year!  I needed just a few more minutes of light!  We still got some good images of these two sweet girls and their fun parents before the sun went down.  Here are a few of my favorites! 

Wednesday morning.

The thing I love about having a business that’s strictly word-of-mouth is that my clients and I always know at least one person in common (the person who referred them!).  This family was referred by the mom’s sister – who is a friend of mine from church and also a client herself.  These folks have two beautiful little girls… here’s a sneak peek from their session this morning!

If it’s not one thing, it’s another!

Oh, this sweet family… the precious little boy broke his collarbone a week before his photo session, so we weren’t sure until the last minute whether they were going to make it.  And his big sister, well, you can see that she lost ALL of her front teeth just before our appointment!  The kids managed to make it through, though, and I was glad to be able to capture this toothless moment in time for them!

Fall family.

Ok, maybe it’s not fall yet, but doesn’t this family look adorable!?  For those of you who have sessions coming up in the next couple of months and are trying to decide what to wear, take note: browns and denims look great together!  :)

Another Birthday Boy!

Remember last year at this time when I had all those newborns?  Those babies are growing up, and now they’re having their first birthdays!  This little guy will turn one this week, and he came up all the way from Atlanta.  Happy Birthday, Ryan!

New blog.

Welcome to the new blog!  I had to either start posting bigger pictures or else get glasses.  (I know I need to get my eyes checked, but who has time for that?!?)  I’m going to post a picture of my own kids here to test the new site!  At least now the pictures are BIG enough that I can actually see them!